Sunday morning…

So the left wing is still fighting the election, to which I say "move along, nothing to see here." Really it is time to move on already. The simple fact is that Bush won the popular vote and the electoral vote, there really is nothing more to be said. We live in a democracy, when we lose we are supposed to take our lumps and move on.

If Kerry had won the popular vote then perhaps we might have some ground to stand on, but he didn’t. I don’t care how far you think Diebold’s nose is up Karl Rove’s backside. All elections are flawed. The dead voted for Kennedy in Chicago in 1960. Back in the "good old days" these things came down to multiple votes in the congress, each side trying to whittle down the other sides vote counts.

The republicans won. Instead of trying to figure out how they stole it, or what particular piece of strategy was screwed up, democrats should be trying to figure out why a small majority of the country voted for Bush. This always seems to be lost on the Left. The left seems to be engaged in a constant search for scapegoats. Americans are stupid. Americans were lied to. Kerry F*ed-up. Whatever.

The question of why half the country voted for Bush is ignored or Brushed off. You can argue that the Republicans gamed the system better than the Democrats. The republican message played better. Why?

What do democrats need to tell to the American people to get them to trust them again? Find the answer to that question and you’ve got a start towards retaking the White House. The democrats are going to need all the help that they can get in ’08.

The republican stables are full of strong candidates, strong leaders and capable orators. To win in ’08 the dems need to find a capable leader and message that resonates with America. Who will that be? What will that message be?

I don’t have answers and apparently the democrats don’t either.