Zionist overlords ???

Maybe that is what is causing the flood of hits (10 hits in one day I’m practically Kos!!!). Seriously though I just flew in from Miami and boy are my arms tired…take my wife please.

Seriously Iraq is a fucking mess, or as the British might say ‘it’s gone all pear shaped" you can use that, please. We’ve wiped out the insurgency in Fallujah (well mostly, although I am curious as to how they know they killed 1200 insurgents. did they stop to count bodies? What are the distinguishing marks of an insurgent? Armed or just dead bodies?). Whatever. So we won in Fallujah, now what? Seems like we just stirred up more trouble at least in the short term.

I’m neither a defeatist nor a pacifist. War is sometimes necessary and should be fought with the intention of winning. An insurgency is a hard thing to combat. It requires a degree of brutality a sadistic ability to kill the innocents if it will hurt the guilty. This it seems was what Saddam excelled at, killing and torturing and subduing people.

No, I’m not equating our rule to Saddam’s butchery. He killed for sport, for sadism, and for personal enrichment. We kill for the greater good. I’m not trying to be snarky, bringing the American ideals of freedom and capitalism are worth a few lives aren’t they?

I’m not sure how many Iraqi’s must be killed before we declare them free. I’m not sure how many American soldiers must give their lives before we declare victory and move on. Move on to what? Freeing Iran from the Mullahs? Freeing Russian oil from the Russian government? What will our next valiant crusade be about? Who will we rescue next, poor souls.

I don’t know about you but I am certainly looking forward to four more years with Condi Rice in the State department. Yes ladies and gentleman, the one reasonable man in the Bush administration, Colin Powell, has left the building, god help us all. Well at least the Republicans are working heard to ensure that they don’t get re-elected in 2008. Call it a premonition, but I suspect that the American people will be so sick of the Republicans in for years they would elect just about anyone with a pulse to get these bozos out. Hmm maybe that is just what Hillary is counting on…