Cause and effect…

We just finished preparing some packages to be sent off to Iraq. Just some little care packages a few trinkets and reminders of home. As Martha Stewart might say It’s good thing.

Speaking of the Diva of home decor and entertaining is getting ready to enter into a deal for a reality show. Evidently the guy behind survivor and the apprentice has decided that he isn’t rich enough. Is there still a market for this schlock? Hasn’t the whole reality thing been done to death? I mean for Christ sakes I saw a promo for some reality show that had flava flave traveling with Bridgette neilson. WTF! Somehow I thought Martha had more class than that. I guess I was wrong.

I invoked the big guys name a few lines back, did I offend. It seems that in this season of joy and shopping the Christian right has decided that we secularists are out to get them. What they out number us 9 to 1 and they are afraid that we have driving the spirit of Christmas away. Should I not mention the fact that Christmas is an adopted holiday. An excuse to have a big party near the winter solstice so that all the pagan converts in ancient Rome would feel all right about joining the crazy cultists in their Jesus worship. Hey Christian folk. News flash, Santa isn’t the only make believe character that gets a lot of play this time of year. You want to believe, fine your right, just stop pretending that it is real. How’s that for a deal? Why can’t you admit that your god is just a complex coping mechanism.

Iraq has been pretty quiet this week. The biggest news seems to be that soldier that asked Rummy a hard question, and whether or not some reporter put him up to it.

No conclusions but stay tuned….