A trailer of a new Bruce Willis movie. Looks okay. The trailer though succeeds in confusing the heck out of me. Which is what a trailer should do. If your movie trailer clearly explains everything to me, then I don’t want to see your movie. I doubt this will be a very good movie, but at least I will have to wait until it comes out to say for sure.

Constatine is a new Keanu vehicle looks freaky, very sort of matrix meets Lovecraft. But again a trailer that doesn't tell me how the fucking movie ends!

The Final Cut
a Robin Williams along the lines of Brainstorm but again I didn't like the trailer. It completely fills me in on the plot. Nothing left to wonder about.

A new Kevin Spacey movie, too bad i don't give a shit about Bobby Darrin.

In the That is so yesterday department my daughter loves this dancing car and you might to if it hasn't already burned out your retinas.

In a minute I am going to do a very barve thing. I'm going to walmart and Bestbuy. A Valient last minute shopping trip to aquire a gift card for a relative and Agave Nectar. What is Agave Nectar? GOOGLE IT BITCH.