I absolutely love this shit

At the time Pat Tillman was killed patriots all over the country crowed about his bravery and self sacrifice. As it to say to us common folk "Hey Pat is in, are you?" Wonderful moving interviews with family and friends drummed home to us the bravery valor and self sacrifice of this courageous young American.

The Post has a story in the Sunday online edition that does nothing to tarnish his bravery while at the same time exposing the military propagandists for the shameful opportunists that they are. The story also does a good job of depicting the confusion of battle and how a chain of minor events can lead to bad decisions and death.

Don’t get me wrong, Tillman seems like a standup guy, but when we pretend that we are a country of infallible goodguys with only whiteknight intentions. We, even the best of us, are only human and we make mistakes. To deny this tarnishes us all in the end. Acknowledge fallibility and embrace it.

Here’s a taste:

Army commanders hurriedly awarded Tillman a posthumous Silver Star for valor and released a nine-paragraph account of his heroism that made no mention of fratricide. A month later the head of the Army's Special Operations Command, Lt. Gen. Philip R. Kensinger Jr., called a news conference to disclose in a brief statement that Tillman "probably" died by "friendly fire." Kensinger refused to answer questions.

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