I feel down right lazy…

…for not updating more. I could offer a multiude of lame excuses but I wont. All 1 ½ of you that stop by on a daily basis to read my riveting prose can suck it! Sorry, that is no way for me to treat my public. It’s been a quiet week for several reasons:

1. I haven’t got much to say.
2. I have been ignoring the news…it’s quiet, the lull as we head towards holidays.
3. I’ve been buying xbox games as fast as a crack whore after a two for one sale. Mostly cheap ones, (games not crack whores…they are pretty thin on the ground in my neck of the woods). All the sleeper hits of last christmas are on the sale rack at my local EB. thus I am satisfactorily amused by:

a. Metal Arms
b. Beyond Good and Evil
c. Freedom Fighters
d. Arx Fatalis

All of these games have left me with scant time for things like writing or using my brain. Oh well life goes one. I can recommend all of them, they are all very enjoyable and well like…fun.

A quick shout out to the Internet Archive a wonderful repository for everything that the Internet was. Not to say that it is less today than it was, just that well there’s a lot of shit that was there that isn’t there any more. The internet archive is like that closet in the back of your house that you throw all the old shit that you don’t use anymore.

I’m in the middle of a raging internal debate. I’ve gotten some small token of cash from my estimable employer for services well rendered during the previous annum (they gave me a bonus ‘cause I know fancy words). The question is how to spend a portion of it. I must admit that visions of laptops and ipods and every conceivable electronic doodad has danced through my mind. To date all I’ve gotten is a vacuum and a food processor. Funny thing is I think that may be enough for now. We used the vacuum tonight. IT was F’ing AMAZING!!! IT was like we hadn’t vacuumed in years. I knew that our old vacuum had gone a bit pear shaped but JESUS!!! It was gross! We filled up 3 ½ hoppers full of cat hair and dirt. Too cool.

A quick mention of SmartBargains. A good outlet website, I haven’t ordered anything yet but I’m trying.

A pretty good new news sight The Raw Story claims to be a liberal Drudge. We’ll see, although I don’t know that I would want to be compared to drudge. I hate to rag on the guy, I hit his sight every day for some good news but he’s kinda like a dime store prophet. He’s sometimes way ahead of the curve, so much so that we praise his journalistic insights and sources. Other times he’s full of shit. The whole Sid blumenthal beats his wife story is a classic example of Drudge being basically feed a pile of steaming crap and him failing to act as a filter. A filter is a useful thing when dealing with news.

Oh yeah Iraq. The war continues, sad when a death count in excess of two U.S. soldiers per day. Seriously what a mess. It has gone on to the point were it slips into a sort of an endless rinse and repeat. IED is my word of the year.