Midgets with Anal Pleasure beads

Okay, so this solidifies two things:

1. My current generation.
2. How out of touch I am with current trends.

In an earlier post I mentioned Freaky Friday. I joked that I did it to attract the Jamie Lee Curtis googlers. What I was totally oblivious to was the popularity of her co-star. Lindsey Lohan is on Fire. She is evidently the ‘Shit’. My Bad.

Okay so I focus on the aging actress that plays the mother while the daughter, arguably a rising star (six movies in 2005), is ignored.

I’m a grup (star trek term for an adult. No not the movies. No not Voyager. No Not Deep space nine. No not The Next Generation. The original fucking series. Go look it the fuck up if you don’t believe me. Damn whippersnappers! Note: I find it interesting that Whippersnappers is actually in the standard Word dictionary) The fact that I have to explain that sucks. I guess I can live with being old. I mean what choice do I have? Live with it or die. It is pretty much A binary decision.

I feel like all the substance has escaped my Blog. I felt like I was writing really deep shit there during the election. In the month since then my blog feels like a balloon that the air has been slowly escaping from. My posts have seemed to have a lot less substance than they used to. I think that is just me being overly self critical.

This is my place to rant and vent and otherwise Bloviate with impunity. I will ramble freely from time to time. That is just my style.

Some things that have peaked my interest:

· Iran I cannot bang this drum enough. We will be going to war with them within the year. We can’t let them get nukes. Like it or not we are about to start another war. The signs are there for anyone to see.
· "Female Viagra" gets a thumbs down. This is a tangible effect of the sobering effect that the Vioxx uproar is having on the drug approval process. For too long Big pharma’s money has had undue sway in the halls of the FDA. It has had a soporific effect on dissent, keeping those that rang alarm bells about the dangers of new drugs quiet. The Vioxx controversy seems to have awakened the sleeping giant.
· I’ve given up on the Buzz Index. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a hopeless echo chamber. It resonates with lame searches that in some degree reflect current events, but also seems to be self magnifying. The shit invariably bubbles upward tend to be either A) Obvious, or B) Obstuse to the point of uselessness I give up!
· Brian Williams replaces Brokaw. Hurray!!! I have always enjoyed Williams. I think he will do well as the new anchor. God knows that NBC has been grooming him for this.
· Iraq. This shit just never ends. Does anyone except the hopeless right-wing Pollyanna think that Iraq is still going well. I the chorus seems to have taken up the chant that the bad guys are once again on the ropes. They’ve been telling us that for a year now.
· OMG Jamie Lee Curtis is on TV right now! OMG! I am so timely. Oh wait it’s a PSA on the Disney channel. I am so tired and out of touch.
· The new prisoner abuse scandal now breaking my bring the whole mess back to our public conscience. Lets hope so, It felt unresolved. The right-wing would argue that discussing this gives aid and comfort to our enemies. Maybe. The problem is that discussing things like this is what MAKES us Americans. We talk about shit. We don’t trust the government very far. That is a good thing. We navel gaze until we are cross-eyed. Good, introspection can be healthy if it helps us avoid repeating some of our bigger follies.

Enough for now. I’m breaking the 500 rule here. Later peeps!