Ruby Tuesday…Who could lay a hand on your hot throbbing member

(excuse the google bait that I sometimes place in the title. Kinda like putting a free beer sign in the window!)

So Blade Trinity. I was looking forward to it until I read the reviews (33% positive). Gotta love Rottentomatoes.com, They are the hands down best way to determine if a movie is worth checking out. They are so grate because of the way that they aggregate all the reviews. Certain reviewers will always dis certain movies. Personal preference. Seeing what a lot of reviewers said gives one a much better feel for the true quality of a movie.

Saw a great movie this weekend "A Mighty Wind". Same people that did Spinal Tap, and Best in Show. If you liked them, give it a watch. If not go fuck yourself with a wombat. Not that I have anything against wombats. Some of my best friends are wombats. I like wombats I really do.

News day fairly quiet. The war chugs on, Like only one person died today (American, who cares about the rest anyway?). The economy chugs on. Although the economy is mostly running on credit. Which is another way of saying I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

Oh yeah one little thing. Someone pointed out to me today that the fish are all turning into females because there is too much estrogen in the water. Hmm where is all this estrogen coming from? US!?!? Noooo surely not. I’m not an alarmist (okay I am) but this seems serious to me. Read the article.