Sunday AM roundup:

The new Mosh Video is making the right-wingers anxious. Pardon me, Matt Drudge (news slut) thinks it should make them anxious, and he in turn pounds out a tune for the rest of them until they are anxious. I just watched it. No big deal in my opinion. So an angry mob storms the capital with peace signs and interrupts a speech by Bush, and Cheney has a what appears to be a heart attack. It’s not as though they are actually threatening to do anything. It is strictly a rapper fantasy. Come on I mean we didn’t have a panic when Ice Cube/Tea/Cream said that it was a good day because he didn’t have to use his AK.

It’s a protest song akin to Give Peace a Chance, or perhaps more like the "Hey Hey LBJ how many people did you kill today?" Chants of the 60’s. To interpret that as encouraging armed insurrection is as reasonable as inferring that is trying to encourage black on white love with a clever TV campaign.

On that subject I have decided that the worst case scenario for the racist nuts is that this encourages a color-blind society and that is what scares them.

Tried to watch Drawn Together last night. I’ve heard positive things about it. Perhaps it was just last nights episode, the one where the princess has her ‘challenged’ cousin show up and hilarity ensures. I don’t know I mean I can laugh at Mr. Hanky and such, but are the retarded folk really fair game? Retarded, I can’t say that can I? What is the politically correct term. I mean retarded is insulting right? So there must be an alternative term. I don’t know what it is. Oh bother. The problem with being sensitive is that at some point you need to figure out where that line is.

Take me out to the ballgame…buy some steroids and cracker jacks. So Barry bonds has a trainer that lives in a car and gives him shit and he just takes it and doesn’t know what the fuck he’s putting in his body. This story sounds like so much Bullshit to me. The trainer lives in a car? He might have taken steroids by ‘accident"? WTF mate!

I was almost ecstatic this weekend. It looked like, for one brief shining moment when the world actually worked as advertised, that we were going to be able to do ALL our Christmas shopping on Amazon. We found something for everyone on our list. We had our cart full and then we saw the shipping charges and said F’you Amazon. I mean what is the point of having free shipping if you then exclude most everything from qualifying for it. Books qualify but socks don’t? What kind of crazy shit is that? So now we have to actually trek out to the stores to fulfill our consumer obligations. Bummer!

Actually I get to stay home, twisted my ankle wicked bad, and my wife gets the fun of doing all the shopping.

The oven is working too well, we worry that it may be on its way out. Hurray! We get to buy a new oven for Christmas…