What’s on my plate…

I’ve been thinking a lot about veggie cooking lately, I plan on doing some serious cooking over the holidays. I just got a new cookbook from the Candle Café Cookbook. Lots of really neat recipes, I’m hoping to do some serious eating.

Still trying to spend my Holiday money, our cat Wallace got a bladder infection and is doing his best to help spend any excess fundage.

I’ve essentially abandoned writing about politics for now. We are stuck for the next four years with the Bushies. It is really pretty irrelevant for me to bitch and moan about him, might as well try and move on.

Been listening to an interesting Audible.com book lately. An alternative history primer, it changes the course of a single event and evaluates the likely consequences of it. I’ve always been into alternative history. One of the biggest authors in the field is Harry Turtledove, I’ve read a bunch of his stuff. A pretty mixed bag, some of it brilliant, some overly formulaic and the majority of it just so-so.

The most interesting part of the audiobook so far has been about the world without Alexander the Great influence. I never truly understood the depth of impact that he had on modern culture. The premise of the alternative history is that he died and the Granicus and that changed the course of history. Alexander my conquering the lands that he did created a unified helenized world. The authors argument is that without the unified language and culture of the Greeks that Christianity would not have developed. No Christianity means no Mohammed and no Islam. It was the fertile environment of a unified culture that was the legacy of Alexanders vision that created a world that was ripe for the spread of a mystic religion like Christianity. That in the alternate time line Rome would have run up against the Persian Empire and that they would have essentially divided the civilized world between them Persian/Roman world would not have provided the same sort of environment.

For an atheist like me I love anything that talks about a world without Christ or Mohammed. These to arch criminals have done much to poison the world that we live in. A world without them would be a different, although perhaps not better, place. I’m not the sort of person that believes that religions are blameless for the destruction that they cause. I am also not so silly as to believe that without them the same sort of shit wouldn’t happen, just under a different guise.

Man is essentially shit. Evil destructive selfish ignorant and with little or no redeeming value. Pardon me whilst I dress in black and smoke some clove cigarettes while sitting in a grimy coffee shop at two AM spouting philosophical nihilism.

Back to my senses. There are many fine things in this world. Man has an equal capacity for good or evil, and religion attracts good as well as evil sorts. Without evil to cloak themselves the fuckers would just have found another source of authority for them.