White Chicks and Black Guys

This is about racism and crazy people, not sex

Step one go here and watch this….

…are you back?

Right. Now go read this fucking NUT, I’ll wait….

…Back again?

So I ran across a link to this NUTJOB on Eschaton, and all I can say is wow!

A racist wacko of extraordinary caliber. They say bloggers are the pajama journalists. This guy probably does his writing in a hood!

The goodstuff:

…But that wasn’t the point, was it? The point was not just to hurl a pie in the face of morals and good taste but also of white racial and cultural identity. The message of the ad was that white women are eager to have sex with black men, that they should be eager, and that black men should take them up on it…

Sorry but didn’t this sort of insane racism die out in the 60’s and 70’s?

Did you read the comments? I Love the guy with four degrees that that sarcastically bloviates about how smart he is and how anyone who could call this guy racist and intelectually equivlent to the KKK crazy:

"uhhh...so this is where all the ex KKKers hang"

Right you are, sonny. I've been posting here for a year, and reading American Renaissance for several years. Not until you had posted your insightful comment, however, did I realize that I had accidentally joined the Klan. You'd think that having earned four university degrees would have trained my mind to the point where, at the very least, I could see through the designs of those awful trailer park rednecks, but they played me like a violin. Thanks to your unflagging brilliance and virtue, I know see these people for what they are, and I promise never, ever to come here again.

Posted by Cassiodorus at 10:22 AM on December 2

Cassiodorus (490-c. 585 AD) was (this took a few minutes of googling) a Roman senator that was basically saying that the down fall of the Roman empire could be cured by a little racial purity. A little paraphrasing and interpolation on my part but it would certainly fit. At least as far as the guy was concerned, that would seem a fitting nom de guerre for this sociopathic shitsack.

Oh is that too strong a word?

Any nutball that thinks that:
1. The darkies are out to rule the world
2. That the major media outlets are out to help them
3. That ABC is part of some sort of grand social engineering program to make us all want to copulate with with the first non-white we meet clearly deserves every once of derision and scorn you and I can heap upon him. Besides autofellatio what other degrees does he have?

Fuck! the only conspiracy here is to get you to watch Desperate Housewives! It doesn’t take four degrees to figure that out.