Comment of the month...

Not because it is particularly brilliant, but because it is the only one I got this month. That is correct, I only get a comment a month. This months winner is someone, we'll call him 'Fritz', that thinks I'm some sort of ass. Oh well can't say that I'm surprised. Some peeps just can't stand anyone to disagree with them. Lets first look at what "Fritz' had to say, roll the tape:

Do you think we should just give up and return those people to tyranny post haste? I mean, Saddam is still alive, we could just let him go and make him President again. Would that make you happy? Fritz | Email | Homepage | 01.14.05 - 1:16 pm | #

Where exactly do I say that we should bring back Saddam?
Where do I say that I think the Iraqis were better off under Saddam?

Bottom line, yes the Iraqi people are as a whole better off without Saddam. But My question is how did we end up in this situation?

We didn't decide to invade Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people, Not to be a hard hearted Asshole, but they said that Saddam had weapons and terrorist ties and that this was a self defense action. That turns out not to be the case.

I'm a humanitarian, but The world is full of crappy dictators that fuck their people, Saudi Arabia comes to mind, The royal family there is pretty much hated. Are we doing anything to liberate the Saudis? No, they are a friendly govt. Although what's that ? Most of the 9/11 Hijackers were Saudi you say? Surely not! Saudi Arabia is full of anti democratic radicals that hate us and their govt. seems largely incapable or unwilling to clean up the mess, probably because that would involve democratic reforms that would entail a loss of power for them.

While we are on the lookout to find people to save what about the people of Pakistan that live under a military dictatorship. There countries govt. was replaced in a military Junta and because the new govt. is friendly to us it can do no wrong.

What about China? What about Cuba? The evil Communist bastards there crush civilian opposition, torture and arrest civilians and what do we do? We buy their fucking television sets. If you want to go off on some damn fool idealistic crusade and say that we've saved the Iraqi people bully for you. I think we can all agree that is a good thing.

Problem is that isn't what we were sold, and we don't have time to save the fucking world from dictators and tyrants that we;

a. Put there to watch out for American business interests.
b. Willingly tolerate their undemocratic ways because the either passively or actively support American polices.