The Election in Iraq was successful. Great. Can we go the fuck home now?

Honesty I’m glad that things seem to have not turned into complete shite. But is the situation really one that warrants the current level of jubilation, almost orgasmic, on the part of some on the right? We are still stuck in the mud over there. It remains to be seen if this little experiment in democracy will bare any fruit.

The right would say that I don’t love America and that I don’t want us to succeed. Nothing could be farther from the truth, I want to win and I understand the danger we face. The problem is not agreeing on the problem. The problem isn’t even agreeing on a solution. It’s about agreeing on a path to get to the destination. Everyone in the world should be free and have plenty of Doritos and Vanilla Pepsi (except this guy, no fucking Pepsi for him thank you).

NK on the way out?

This would be great news. This times article suggests that North Korea’s dictatorship is on shaky ground at best and may soon be a thing of the past. Excellent one less country to invade. One more country to to make really cool electronics and sell them so cheap we can each own two!