File under better late than never...Fahrenheit 911

I saw Fahrenheit 911 this evening. Very interesting. I’m not sure why Anne Coulter wasn’t in it. No wait I think I might know why, she’s a ****** (as an aside, at what point do such statements become grounds for libel suits? What if I just said she was an FuckNoid? That's a madeup word, that doesn't count does it? That is my curse word de jour. Oh shit! That was French, and the French suck, or wait, are they our friends again yet? )

In all seriousness a movie whose message was a good one, but the delivery did actually seem a bit heavy handed. I’m not conservative bushman (that’s a joke, file under Kalahari see: desert) but I think that Moore’s message sometimes suffers from his style.

His message is dead on. The simpleminded tripe that we are fed by our elected leaders about the causes driving American foreign policy are just that, tripe. Individuals act in their self interest, that is a given.

I think that I will actually watch the Fahrenhype 911 movie if I can find it. For the contrast don't ya know. Then maybe I could edit them into a movie that was really cool, and at the same time completely self contradictory.

In other news some people are just a little bit overheated:

#18 On the Mark 1/26/2005 08:45AM PST
Plain and simple...Andrew Sullivan is an "enemy of the state." He has no concern for this nation, and like so many of the "liberal elite," would simply "give" our country away to those who would destroy it, if he had his choice. Three cheers for Heather MacDonald for writing an article which demonstrates the true depth of Sullivan's anal-cranial inversion.

That little gem is from some levelminded chap at little green footballs (a very centerist blog). For those of you that don't Andrew Sullivan, he is one of the calmer and more reasoned voices on the right. He actually had the temerity to say that he thought that perhaps torture was probably not a good thing.

Hang'em high! Damn it Andrew, get with the program, it wasn't torture it was just a little fun. Didn't Rummy muse in one memo that he had to stand up all day, what was wrong with a little torture?