He writes it and they deny it.

Seymour Hersh writes ,in the New Yorker this week, of the grand new scheme of the neocons. His article details the supposed plans for, dare I call it, World Domination.

Hold on though, lets not get too dramatic. Serious allegations to be sure, but at this point they are just that, allegations. Allegations that the Pentagon is vehemently denying.

I can’t say what is true. I believe many parts of the article. But so what? AS I’ve said before all our enemies are Godless heathens, or their secular socialist supporters. Heathens and secularists have no souls and hence it doesn’t matter if we kill them. Really God said it would be just fine. Look a the old testament if you don’t believe me. God is totally cool with murder/war/slavery whatever as long as we confine it to the sinners/infidels/athiests/pagans.

Kill a mullah for momma.