I can’t stop playing with my queue

I love touching it and moving it around and adding to it. I just joined Blockbuster online, a really great deal I think. I know Everyone and his brother has been a memeber of Netflix for like forever… I’m sooo 2002. Oh well I can’t help it, some people are riding the crest of geeky new coolness, and some of us have to ride in the back of the bus. Personally I’m planning on buying an Ipod sometime in 2009.

Speaking of Ipods and all things Apple. The MacExpo started today and there were a number of cool announcements. Flash Ipods for $99 and cheap Mac mini. I was pretty excited about this. I’ve developed this notion that I want a Mac mini, but then again I also like Tamarind candy so my taste is pretty well established as being bloody awful!

So back to my queue and my new love of all things BlockBuster. The cool thing is that I get the two instore movie/game rental coupons each month. If these are used for games then that pretty much pays for the cost of the subscription.