I got sucked in…

I got sucked in…

Just surfing the nextblog button looking for something interesting…ad…ad…interesting (but not in a lanuage I speak)..ad…boring (and not in a language I speak)…uuuhhh pretty colors….and then

Max's Brobdingnagian Eternal Blog of Doom With I title like that could it possibly not be good?

I’ll let you decide, he is 14. I was still eating boggers (not bloggers)at that age, so he has me beat hands down. The Kerry Tribute might be amusing to you, Puddles Four will likely not be amusing to anyone, and is an object lesson in the dangers of imovie (But at least as good as the home movies of M. Night Shyamalan).

I guess no one wants to...Ask Chris anything, I don't.

This is the most random collection of shite that I've seen lately, If you see a pattern here let me know. Thanx.

I Think this guy died...really...I'm not kidding...okay yeah I am kidding.