Is it like legal to be gay or something in Canada?

Jeeze they let anyone in their country. Oh well down here, south of the falls, homosexuality is still illegal and we don’t have to worry about tarted up dykes over-running our amusement parks and… Oh wait I’m mistaken.

I was trying to read some blogs (made more difficult by the fact that I can’t read) that I hadn’t read before. When I stumbled onto this guy.

Really smart fella, deep thinker. A little long winded but then that is okay, we all need to vent sometimes. Anyway in this post, he is discussing same sex marriage and why he is against it (I think he’s against it, god I wish I could read!). I actually agree with the premise (At least I think I do) that you can’t go around redefining things at random (that may not be his premise exactly but I like it).

Marriage is defined north and south of the border as a man/woman union. If you suddenly say that it means something else you de-legitimize the original meaning. Like suddenly what if I changed the definition of what a ‘tiger’ was to include pigeons. Sure I can now call a pigeon a tiger, but that doesn’t make it so. Although the Christians didn’t invent the concept of marriage they effectively co-opted it to the point where marriage is considered a Christian invention.

The problem is that while the whole marriage is a man/woman thing has historical precedence that doesn’t in and of itself validate it. The definition doesn’t exist extant of the argument. His argument rests on the foundation that the man/woman definition of marriage is correct. I think that may be begging the question because all you can really point to is historical precedence which is simply an Argumentum ad Populum (is that real Latin or just someone latinizing random shit, i.e. I take a shit in a commodium?)

What needs to happen IMHO is that the religious aspects of marriage need to be divorced from the civil aspects of it. (Foghorn Leghorn voice) That was a joke son. Divorced. I say divorced. See son it's like this...oh never mind.

Anyway an interesting read with some deep ideas.