I guess that is as good a headline as any. I saw this link for a guy who invented a gun that sees through walls. Okay I'll bite. Here is the article. Reading it you can't help but wonder WTF mate? Very interesting, A lone inventor creates some sort of magical death ray. It cost 30K to build and the plans for it came to him in a dream. So I'm looking at the attached pictures and I see this strange "armor" in the background. It looked like something that I'd seen before, a bear defense suit. I googled the guy and evidently not only does he make machines that can see through walls, he also builds bear-proof clothing.

Crazy. In a brilliant way. People like this always amaze me. Inventors, people who have these amazing dreams about things and then wake up and build them. I can't vouch for the validity of the articles claims (we are talking about Canada here, where I hear that gayness is totally legal), but if true I'm sure it will soon be gobbled up by a Canadian black-ops team.

Five years from now we could all be living under some dystopian Canadian empire where curling and ice hockey are the only legal pass times.