News flash, evidently is it rather a complex thing to be a 16 year old.

Thanks MSNBC I never would have figured that out on my own. It’s not like a was never 16, FUCKING IDIOTS! They have to0 much sex and too much agnst. Too bad Soo Sad, grow up and get on with life kids.
MSNBS gave cameras to a bunch of 16 year old kids and let them document the harsh realities of their pathetic loser lives. Oh to have there problems! Come on who the hell is the target demo for this shit?

It warms the cockles of my heart that there are humans (a term that I use loosely here) that are willing to engage in kidnapping and child sex slavery in the middle of the greatest natural disaster of our generation, Ahh the shining example of capitalism and free market morality at work, thanks to Adam Smith, Adam West and Adam Twelve.

Round and round like some sick shit spin cycle. I cannot get the whole liberal / conservative world-view.
IT is stuck in my mind like a chicken bone tickling the back of my throat. The more I think about it the more that I feel the whole thing is some sort of sick joke. WE are never going to come to some sort of reconciliation on this, the divide that separates the world-views is to great. It is also sad that I feel like to be successful in this world I have to adopt conservative (fuck the little guy) perspective.

It is so silly the conservative notion that we all start out on an equal playing field, and if some of us come out on top it is just because we wanted it more. Then they point to a token female or minority and shout "See see he made it and he was black/brown/crippled/gay." It is the exception that proves the rule. The undeniable reality is that some of us are born with more of a chance than the other guy. Are you telling me that the kid of a rich guy has to work as hard as the kid of a poor guy? Bullshit! The rich kid comes to the game, through no effort of his own, with a massive advantage in the game of life.

Okay so his dad worked hard, his son shouldn’t have the benefit that his parents earned through hard work? Well of course he should have the benifit, but lets not then pretend that the rich kid and the poor kid are playing on an equal field.

America is a giant game of King of the Hill and we are all urged to use any means at our disposal to get as high on the hill as we can, the hell with the people that we have to step on to get there.

We all come into this world naked, and we shall all leave it that way, let us not lie and pretend that the middle will be the same for all of us, for some this world will to a torturous crossing that taunts them with failure at every turn. So we should support the unfortunates that can’t make it to the finish line? Yes to a degree I think we should.