Rethinking and rethinking and….

Damn it why does the world have to be so bloody complicated? Why can’t anything ever be simple?

Iraq. Thinking out loud here, Why are we there? Complicated. We started out trying to protected the interests of our oil companies and to secure the oil supply. I’m not casting any dispersions on that goal. That is an important goal, and one that people can be killed over. Non-Americans don’t matter, they don’t count, we can and should kill them all day long if they get in our way. They are goddless anyway.

Non christian = non human.

Anyone got any spare gas chambers?


All right switch gears. Saddam Hussain was an arch fuckhead. He was evil and a megalomaniac and the world is better off without him. He was a thug and a murderer as were his relatives and children. They treated the lives of their citizens with the utmost of contempt. WE ARE BETTER OFF WITH HIM GONE.

So, how many dead Iraqis is it worth to be rid of him?

How many dead Americans?

Is our future more or less secure. Honestly I think in the long run, Iraq may turn out for the best. They may have some sort of wonderful Govt. that loves and protects them.

This navel gazing paralysis is brought to you courtesy of C. Hitchens. His recent article reminds me that Iraq was ruled by thugs and terrorists. And that now there are thugs and terrorists trying to steal the future from innocent Iraqis.

The problem that I have, and I think many liberal intellectuals share is a habit of creating moral equivalencies were they are not warranted.

Americans and their allies often do things that hurt or kill civilians this is true. That is not the same as the terrorists that are trying to impose a fascist theocratic state on the entire country. We equate the two at our peril.