The Salvador option

So this story is about how we are going to train and run death squads in Iraq and Syria and heck maybe Iran if we have to. Special forces lead teams that will run around kidnapping and killing ‘badguys’. It is called Salvador because it worked in El Salvadro in the eighties when the Reagan regime used it to crush the leftist rebels in that country. Hooray for the U.S.A !

It makes me sick, but then I am a liberal and thus an Academic. Academically speaking running death squads is immoral and, call me squeamish, evil.

Conservatives like Michael Savage will probably say it is about time we got serious and started fighting to win. They have a point from the conservative perspective if a few innocent civilians die in the course of fighting the bad guys that is just "the cost of doing business."

Wonderful. I LOVE my country. I am not being sarcastic. I truly love America and the many freedoms that affords me. I love the fact that I was born reasonably rich and well off in a country where my race and socioeconomic circumstances have virtually ensured that, unless I shoot my future in the foot, I can live a good life.

At the same time I can’t stand what my government has to do to make this a reality. The liberal trap, love the ideal, hate the reality. Damn we’re a schizophrenic bunch!