See, See I told you so...

Okay so just when I thought maybe I was wrong about Iran/U.S. relations. Just when I thought maybe there wont be war (or at the very least bombing) of Iran, this story runs and it confirms what I have believed all along.

Here's the what you need to know:

One former high-level intelligence official told The New Yorker, "This is a war against terrorism, and Iraq is just one campaign. The Bush administration is looking at this as a huge war zone. Next, we're going to have the Iranian campaign."

The sad thing is I kind of agree. The rights of other nations are not relevant in the current world. America will look after her interests. If those interests include bombing Iran preemptively to destroy their ability to make nuke weapons so be it. The alternative is to allow them to make weapons that could get into the hands of terrorists.

God! I sound like Wolfowitz, yammering on about preemptive action against sovereign nation states. You know what? This isn't fucking RISK people! This is for real, there are consequences.

What does that mean? It means that reality is NEVER black and white. For every policy action there is a downside. People die no matter what you do. It is the nature of humanity, all life actually to behave in ways that at times seem self destructive. Know knows maybe the big "G" has decided to move this final curtain call forward a bit. Maybe he has decided it is time for the final act in the farce that is human history.