What BS! Okay Shark Tale was a crappy enough movie, but was it secretly trying to turn us all gay? This Nutboy seems to think so.

It is when Shark Tale turns its attention to Lenny that it veers toward an undercurrent of approval for homosexuality. While it is difficult to prove intent when a film does not explicitly make a character "gay," the story and dialogue demonstrate an implicit approval of homosexuality.

Shark Tale was mainly a sub-par attempt by Dreamworks to expand its animated stable beyond the Shrek franchise. Evidently though it was also a sly attempt by the JEWISH socialist shylocks in Hollywood to turn the WHOLE country into a bunch of pansy gayboys! Oh great and I totally missed it! Why is it that the religious right is so fucking threatened by gay folk?

I stumbled across this guy because yahoo mentioned him in regard to an uproar in the religious nutcase community over Spongebob (evidently the gays love him so he must be gay).

The message of accepting that everyone can be different seems to be the main thing that is upsetting to these asshats. Jeeze! I guess we should all emulate them in everything that they do! Pardon me while I go get a whore!


VH1 classics has my demographic pegged…am unable to change the channel…help!