What I’m thinking about;

1. God. I’m an atheist and yet much to my annoyance I find myself consumed with the question of god. His existence, which I don’t believe in, and the foundations of faith in a believer. My wife says that atheists talk about god and religion more than anyone else. I would agree with that. To an atheist the concept of god and religion are just so strange as to need a lot of consideration.
2. Iraqi elections are underway/over. I am happy hopeful that it wasn’t a total F’ing mess, but I’m not holding my breath. This situation seems to have spiraled so far beyond the intentions of the Bush boys that only a miracle can save us now. For my opinion on miracles see point above. I’m amazed and impressed by the right wing press, the seem so sure that this will be fine in the end. Maybe they are right, twenty years from now we will look back and say what a good thing this war was. Somehow though I doubt that. Anyway perhaps now that we’ve had such massive turnout (70% of the voting age pop) maybe the badguys™ will go the fuck home and let the Iraqi people get on with living, and we can get our boys home.
3. Napoleon Dynamite. Good movie, very weird temporal vibe, set in the present (I think) yet all the trappings of the late early eighties.
4. Found some bloggy good reading, The Bartender Journals. As usual I’m the second to last person to have discovered this guy, but still amusing. Worth a read. The guy is an aspiring writer, I’d say he’s doing very well.
5. Could we finally be reaching a time when the Palestinians and the Israelis are willing to sit down and talk about peace? This article seems to indicate a substantial thawing in the relationship. It appears that perhaps it was Arafat that was standing in the way all this time.