Word of the day…quagmire

Dead serious (perhaps that is a bad turn of phrase to use), Dictionary.com word of the day is quagmire. A difficult or precarious situation or predicament. Could any word describe Iraq better? I don’t think so. The death toll never ceases and the lies keep on coming.

1. They had weapons of mass destruction, we had to stop them. WRONG!
2. I was going to but a list here but fuck it…

The right has been feeding us a continuos stream of pure shit regarding Iraq. How he had WMD, how the people there would love us, how the bad buys would give up soon, how we don’t need more troops, how everything is really going well it’s just that the media won’t show us all the happy pictures.

We have an election coming up there in about 3 weeks. Any bets on how big a cluster fuck it turns out to be?

About three months ago I predicted war with Iran within 6 months. I’m no longer sure of that. IT seemed painfully obvious that we were building up at the time, but now not so much.