Blogs of interest....

Just thought I would give a quick nod to the blogs that I've been visiting lately, all very interesting:

Rense.com - News from the lunatic fringe.
Discouragement -A Humorous take on the news and consumerism (think Onion), with some interesting links to real news and products.
The moderate Voice - A great political/news blog. Joe always finds the right tone to take with the big issues of the day.
Fizzle & Pop - Comics and errata with an artistic bent.
Today in Iraq - A left of center slant, but fair.
BabblingDweeb - Slice of life stuff, but with flair. Some great links.
The Bartender Journals - Good reading.
Anal(ytical)philosopher - Conservative philosophy professor. Well reasoned.
Rathwel, The Blogging Idiot - A cool mix of religion, history and current events. All spiced with humor.