Jeeze I don’t know…

(Listening to Rainy Days and Mondays on Launch)

…what To write about. It’s a Monday and My whole family is recovering from the flu and I’m recovering from two days off of work, trying to dig myself out of the inevitable pile of crap that always results from an unplanned absence.

Iraq, hate to say it but same as it ever was. More car bombings more dead Americans and Iraqis. No wonder most people can’t be bothered to pay attention. They are still counting votes over there, but it looks like Sistani’s party is going to be the big winner. That seems like it might be good for Iraq, but not so good for the U.S.. We may end up with a more independent Theocracy than we really want. Time will tell (clichéd but true).

New York court said that maybe gay marriage was not quite as bad as the conservatives said it was. We’ll have to see where this goes. It will be interesting to see the course that the administration charts through this political minefield. If they hard charge towards an amendment they will alienate the majority of Americans, and if they don’t they will weaken the base of the party. What to do?

I guess that’s it for now. I don’t feel especially funny or poignant tonight.

See you around…