Joe has a good article of the SOTU last night.

From the Moderate voice:

President George Bush, Sr. used to have a problem with "the vision thing," but now the situation is reversed where Bush - whether one agrees with his specifics or not -- seems to have a long-term vision while the Democrats too often seem like seasick passengers on a cruise ship trying awfully hard to find their sea legs.

I concur sir.

The Dems are sorely lacking in the vision dept. these days. It is partly driven by the desire to hold on to some power. The national tide is against them at the moment. Many Democrats are desperate to hold what ground they still have. Being on the defensive like this naturally makes them reactive, not proactive.

Whether or not you agree with the Republicans on anything you have to concede that they have captured the high ground on most arguments. The circumambience of the republican noise machine has for the most part paralyzed the democrats. It is ironic that although the Republicans constantly complain about the ‘liberal media’, it is their message that is resonating through the mainstream media these days. I really agree with Joe on this point. The democratic alternative sounds pretty weak on most issues. Bush’s new speech writer deserves high marks for delivering such a well crafted oration.

The democrats seem to have painted themselves into a pretty pickle. The party is too splintered to mount a coherent counter attack at this time. Every democrat and democratic interest is busy fortifying their current position, digging in and trying to hold on. Fighting battles over the minutiae, When what they need is a bold stratagem.

Personally I’m hoping that Dean may be able to help in this area. He doesn’t seem to be afraid to get out in front and lead. His iconoclastic style may break up some of the inertia in the Democratic party. I think we may be in for some interesting times if he gets the DNC chair.