On my mind: Flu, SOTU, gay marrige, Iran

Being sick sucks. I’ve had the flu for about 48 hours now. My wife had it as well as my daughter. Being sick by yourself is miserable, being sick with others is worse. You simultaneously want people to take care of you, and you take care of the ones you love. We are all on the upswing now.

I watched the SOTU by Bush on Wed. I found it quite…mediocre…I was neither repulsed nor engaged. I know that the Right feels like Bush here is the second coming or Reagen/Jesus. The Lefties feel like he’s Nixon/Hitler. Personally I think he’s just another aristocrat. That is not meant to be a stinging rebuke or an endorsement. We are a country ruled by wealthy people and the corporate ties that interweave their fortunes and interests together. The needs of the state and of the common man will always come second. It is just a matter of whether it is a close second or a distant second.

Spongebob. Lenny the Shark. Now evidently there is some PBS show were an asthmatic rabbit visits people around the country and the Education Dept. is upset that the sickly bunny is visiting lesbian parents in Vermont. Yeah, okay could this be any less relevant to the world as a whole. My question is this: Why now? What about this particular moment has brought the struggle of gay rights to the forefront of every conservatives mind. What is the big deal about letting gay folk get married? I will never understand what is driving the fear. Here’s a guy in Canada that I was following for awhile. He was making all of these longwinded but carefully reasoned attacks on the legalization of gay marriage. Then he ends it with an appeal to God. God exists, and God don’t want no faggets gettin’ married. Wow.

In the first place I don’t believe in God. In the second place. If there was a god, why the heck would he care who married who? The irrationality of most religions, this belief that a being powerful enough to create worlds really cares that much about such absolute minutiae is really ridiculous.

Iran. Condi is running around the world telling everyone that we just want to be friends and that we aren’t going to attack Iran. Meanwhile on the homefront Santorum is working on a bill that pretty much lays the groundwork for invasion. Hmm I’ve said it before war within 6 months of the election, we’ll see how much I’m off by.