The pope is much better…thanks for your concern.

In olden days they would have murdered the bugger by now and installed a new pope. Proof positive that times do change for the better. (Note the article comes from an athiest website so I'm sure that they will be fair and impartial.)

One wonders what the world is coming to when one looks to Arianna Huffington as a voice of reason, but in this occasion I cannot express my agreement more with the sentiments in this column.

Let's not forget that for all the president's soaring rhetoric about spreading freedom and democracy, free elections were the administration's fallback position. More Plan D than guiding principle. We were initially going to install Ahmed Chalabi as our man in Baghdad, remember? Then that shifted to the abruptly foreshortened reign of "Bremer of Arabia." The White House only consented to holding open elections after Grand Ayatollah Sistani sent his followers into the streets to demand them — and even then Bush refused to allow the elections until after our presidential campaign was done, just in case more suicide bombers than voters turned up at Iraqi polling places.

A NEW sexually transmitted disease. Excellent. And some people don’t believe in god. How could you not believe in a bounteous creator with wonderful new illnesses like this?