Sorry, VH1 Classics ate my blog...see you on Wed.

Ya gotta love a channel that just shows music videos...

Star Wars III parody movie, looked boring to me, but suit yourself.

The liberals are Spock, the conservatives are McCoy. (I promise that someday that will make sense to someone besides me, for now I'm just wondering how long it would take the lawyers to show up if I put a Star trek picture on the site.)

Run Dean, run! Dean is the DNC front-runner…I’m totally rooting for him. The DNC under Terry Mcauliffe was more of a soft sell back-seat-sorry-I-didn’t-mean-to-offend sort of thing. The only why the democrats are going to take to the initiative away from the Repubs is to go back and rebuild from the base upwards. Dean has shown a desire and some small ability in this area.

Anyone heard if the new pope is a woman? What do you mean not dead yet? On point isn't there some sort of apocalyptic prophecy that the next pope will be the anti-Christ? Just askin...