Condi Vs. Hillary?

Let me jump back into the fray here, I wont bore you with the reasons for my absence, just deal with it!

Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading a lot of Blogs lately. I’ve been following the Gannongate slutacular show over at Americablog. They have done some really great posts on the subject. I’ve also been following the Rawstory, and DU (Democratic underground) for some interesting articles.

All the buzz these days seems to be about Condi Rice and how she’s going to run for president and save the world and bake cookies…

Personally I doubt it, although it would be interesting to see what would happen if she did run. I suspect that the Republicans, rather cynically , believe that by running her they can garner a lot of female/black votes. Hate to break it to them but, no that is pretty much bullshit. Women and minorities don’t seem overly taken with her (unless they were predisposed to being Republican) and I doubt that she would be the dream candidate of your average white male Republican.
See the truth is Condi isn’t Powell. Colin Powell comes across as smart, pragmatic and essentially moderate about the crazy wedge issues that some Republicans love so much. Oh yeah and he happens to be black, whatever.
Condi comes across as arrogant, short sighted and a yes women, someone without ideas but with plenty of ambition. Kinda like Hillary. Sorry, but yeah, I think Hillary is all about the power, she wants to rule the world. For Bill on the other hand it was all about the BJ’s.

I think that we will not see Condi get past the primaries, and I hope that we have someone a little deeper than Hillary coming from the Democrats. Hillary has too much in common with Kerry, they’ve both spent their lives in the pursuit of power for powers sake, that tends to leave a nasty ring in the tub…